Can we all please take a moment to appreciate Hagrid here? Seriously, everyone always talks about how Harry has no father figure and how terrible it was for Sirius to die because now Harry’s all alone (dont get me wrong, Sirius is my favorite character) but honestly, Hagrid is the best father Harry ever had. He did so much for him, and no one, sometimes not even Harry realizes that. Hagrid gets no where near the mount of credit he deserves. Take a minute and try to imagine where Harry would be with out him and you’ll understand what im talking about.

I think JKR said it was really important to her that Hagrid carried him out of the forest, because he carried him to safety when he was a baby. Hagrid has been there since the beginning, and he was also there at the culmination of Harry’s journey. He’s always cared SO MUCH and been really open with Harry for the most part, which is something Harry needs since people tend to keep secrets from him. Yeah, he’s irresponsible with the monsters, but all of Harry’s father figures were pretty irresponisble, and Hagrid was definitely like, the most solid and reliable out of all of them. And he never left.

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Hagrid was also most like a parent in his correction of Harry. For Sirius and Molly, Harry could do no wrong. Dumbledore saw Harry’s flaws, but he depended on them for his own plans to work.

But Hagrid saw Harry for exactly who he was, good and bad. He was the first to publicly defend Harry’s innocence anytime he got blamed for something he didn’t do; but he was also the first to call Harry out on his treatment of Hermione in PoA. He is consistently honest and forthright in addressing Harry’s behaviour and choices, and always acts in the way he believes will be best for Harry’s growth and especially for his moral development.

Harry is the man he is because of Hagrid. No one else did that for him. 

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Deep deep down, I reckon John has quite a lot of potential

Making Stan Lee seem like a good actor since 2014.





So, I am removing the face block out. I no longer think he is an awkward person who didn’t know what he was doing, I think he is a terrifying and aggressive person.

100% of the conversations I have had with him are posted above, with the exception of apparently I responded to a tweet he sent me? But I am not searching through those to see just how inane my response was there. 

He decided to paint a picture in his head about who I am with no knowledge other than that I am a female model and I follow a few sceptics on Twitter. 

Watch out for this man.

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What the actual fuck

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I   w i l l   n o t   c r i n g e   f o r   t h e m.


This is a very important message for young people everywhere

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Cat dad is watching the football game in the distance while pretending to pay attention to the kittens.

Hahaha too good!



Cat dad is watching the football game in the distance while pretending to pay attention to the kittens.

Hahaha too good!

The lack of tattoos on my body is highly upsetting.